On Tuesday: When it Rains, it Pours.

So it rained at our house yesterday. In June. Just the day before, it was 95 degrees. Maybe for those of you in more tropical climates, this wouldn’t be unusual, but for us here in Central California, it was WEIRD. And you might think that I would have been relieved that it was cooler, and I didn’t have to run my expensive air conditioner, but for me it was just one more piece of evidence that something out there in the universe was trying to beat me down.

You see, we are busy. You know, BUSY…that thing that just sort of descends from the heavenlies…that we claim to have no control over…that entity we use as an excuse for every bit of tired, cranky behavior…that thing we complain about incessantly? THAT’S the thing I’m talking about. And I have been whining about it leading up to this week, knowing that it is the last week of school and that means class parties and award ceremonies and kindergarten graduations and teacher gifts and somewhere-to-be-at-every-free-moment. And on top of that we are getting ready to leave for Catalina Island, where we have to pack for boat rides and no electricity and community bathrooms and well, the DIRT. And then Gracie got sick and passed it on to Lily, and then of course who knows who’s next, which means fevers and aches and more whining. And then we came home today and it was RAINING and the freak wind knocked down ANOTHER tree in our yard (see first tree here) and now, instead of getting the kids to bed we have to figure out how to get this gargantuan tree out of here so our neighbors can drive down the street and won’t hate us. And as I was pulling on my gloves and getting ready to haul some branches, I got a text from a neighbor.

“I saw your tree! What can I do to help?”

And another text.

“I’m so sorry about your tree! We started trying to cut it up for you before you got home, but had to stop because of the rain.”

And in that moment, I had a revelation:

I am an idiot.

I am complaining about award ceremonies and class parties? I should be celebrating that my kids go to an amazing school with wonderful staff and committed teachers, where they are challenged to do well and praised for their hard work.

I am whining about packing for a trip? I should be grateful for the opportunity to show my kids another gorgeous slice of God’s creation, and for the finances to make it happen.

I am fretting over fevers? I should be on-my-knees-thankful that my family is in excellent health, with great medical care, and that we have job flexibility to be able to stay home and take care of our kids when they are sick.

I am troubled by toppling trees? (I’m a picture book writer! I alliterate!) I should be blown away by the gift of this home, my neighbors and friends who send me texts and come hack away at my fallen tree, and my community.

So yes, it rained. And it was weird.

But it washed away the busy.

And it poured blessings.

And that’s the kind of rain I’ll take in June, or any other time of year, always.

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  • Bethany Telles

    Amy… You made me laugh, and then you hit me with a very harsh reality. But it’s SO true. Glad you not only saw God’s gifts, but you accepted them as well.

    Sidenote: Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!

    • http://amydixonbooks.com/ Amy Dixon

      Thanks, Bethany! I can’t believe it but one of the neighbors that texted me last night is currently outside in my yard cutting branches. Just because she had time this morning. So blessed!

  • Elizabeth Stevens Omlor

    Amy! Can I give you a cyber hug? What great perspective. Thanks so much for sharing. Your energy is contagious. You should bottle and sell it. Add some of your husband’s sense of humor and you have million dollar product on your hands!

    • http://amydixonbooks.com/ Amy Dixon

       If I could bottle Rob’s sense of humor, I’d be living in luxury! I’d have to put a warning on the label, though: “those with weak bladders and easily formed laugh lines should use with caution…”

  • Mirka Breen

    We have so much in common it’s funny. Kids, (end-of school
    year) living in California, (rain yesterday) and most of all- BUSY.

    Here’s where we differ- I loved that rain. And here’s
    another thing- you run and I sit down every chance I get. You are miles ahead, literally!

    • http://amydixonbooks.com/ Amy Dixon

       lol, Mirka! Just got back from 5 miles and it was glorious!