On Nothing Like a Puffin

There are some words that are just fun to say. HOPSCOTCH.  JAMBALAYA. SASSAFRAS.  PUFFIN is one of those words. So when I found this wonderful book where the word PUFFIN appears on every page, I couldn’t help but pick it up.


  • Written by: Sue Soltis
  • Illustrated by: Bob Kolar
  • Published by: Candlewick Press, September 13, 2011
  • Suitable for: Ages 4 and up
  • Topics/Themes: Animals, Concept/Educational (compare and contrast)
  • Opening: “Look, a puffin! What a marvelous creature, one of a kind and amazing. Indeed, there is nothing like a puffin.”
  • Synopsis: (from Amazon) A puffin is an amazing creature. It’s completely unique and one-of-a-kind. A ladder is nothing like a puffin. A house is nothing like a puffin. A newspaper is nothing like a puffin. . . . But wait! Who would have guessed? Could these things be more alike than you think? Young children will love following this mischievous puffin in an entertaining exercise in creative classification– and are guaranteed to start looking at everyday things in a whole new way.
  • Links to Resources: The folks over at Books 4 Learning have put together a great list of teaching ideas to go along with this book, my favorite being the idea of making a comparison chart to find the similarities and differences between different animals. National Geographic Kids also has a great page on Atlantic Puffins that you can use to learn more facts about puffins.
  • Why I Like this Book: I really love the conversational nature of this book. It throws out questions to the reader, like, “What could possibly be next?” and “Who would have guessed?” The book is just so clever, and I haven’t seen anything else like it. It takes two things that are seemingly so different (like a puffin and a newspaper! or a shovel! or a snake!) and finds things that they have in common. So there are lots of things that are something like a puffin. But is there anything that is nothing like a puffin? You’ll have to read this adorable book to find out!

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  • http://www.bethstilborn.com/ Beth Stilborn

    This book looks like such fun! Great choice for PPBF!

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

       Thanks, Beth! So glad you stopped by.

  • http://twitter.com/ThisKid_Erik This Kid Reviews Bks

    I love puffins! The illustrations are cute! I will check this book out! :)

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

       They are really unique creatures! I think you will like it.

  • http://susannahill.blogspot.com/ Susanna Leonard Hill

    This sounds so creative and fun!  Now I want to go read it and find out how it ends :)  Thanks so much for adding this one to our list!

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

      It is different from the types of books I normally gravitate toward, so I was pleasantly surprised!

  • Kirsten Larson

    What a fun book! We have puffins at our aquarium. This would be a fun book to read during a visit.

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

       It would be perfect before or after a visit to the aquarium!

  • Christie Wild

    Awww, shucks! I was going to do this book in a few weeks. I met the author last fall. My library recently got her book. I’m so happy! This is a GREAT book for teachers! Kindergarten through 4th grade. It is fun and clever, like you say. I’ve read it three times already.

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

       Sorry, Christie! I hate it when that happens. Glad you like the book and I agree it would be great to use in curriculum!

  • Joanna Marple

    How funny, I am doing NaPiBoWriWee this week and have been thinking of writing a book about a puffin!! Titles are powerful, huh, and this one is catchy! This sounds quite brilliant, and why am I not surprised it comes from Candlewick Press!

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

       Yes, Candlewick’s books are beautiful. I think there is room in the puffin-book market for another one, I say go for it!

  • http://www.flowering-minds.com/ Darshana

    My kids and I loved this book. I agree it is unique.

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

      This book really got my kids thinking, and I like that!

  • Tiltonph

    What a charming selection.  I love books that humor and challenge children. Such a great selection.  Wonderful illustrations.  Like that they have an activity guide for this book.  Great choice.

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

      Definitely challenging for kids to think about things in comparison to one another. Thanks for the comment, Pat!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566478008 Kimberley Gorelik Moran

    Puffins are a Maine tradition! We even put one at the top of our Christmas tree. I must check out this book. Thanks so much for sharing!

    First in Maine

    • http://writingamillion.tumblr.com Amy Dixon

      A puffin on top of the Christmas tree sounds fun! I’ve never been to Maine, but that makes it sound all the more appealing! Thanks for stopping by, Kimberley!

  • patientdreamer

    What a cool cute book.  Need to check this out in our local library… thanks Amy!

  • http://www.jenniferrumberger.com/ Jennifer Rumberger

    This sounds so cute!  Thanks for sharing!