On Waiting

Blogged over at Sub It Club today about WAITING…


It’s January, and that means the stockings are down, the tree has been hauled out to the curb, and the cookies are almost gone. The only thing that remains is our holiday door, where we put up all of the cards and photos we receive in December. We always leave that up as long as we can, because it represents the wonderful community of friends and loved ones our family is lucky enough to be surrounded by. There’s a quiet calm in our house, as we prepare for school to start back up tomorrow, and our somewhat crazed “normal” to take over once again.

In the Dixon house, there’s not much that compares to the excitement of the Christmas season. One of my favorite parts is seeing the miraculous camaraderie that forms between our children as they look forward to our holiday traditions. The four of them become unusually united in their efforts to open presents early, to eat one more candy cane, or to stay up later to catch Santa. Over and over again, I find myself saying…READ MORE

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