On a Writing Contest and a Proud Mama

The other night I heard some rustling in the girls’ bedroom, so I headed back to see who was up. Even though it was well past her bedtime, I found my nine-year-old night owl, Lucy, still awake.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Writing.” While this writer-mama’s heart warmed instantly, I had to try and preserve the stern look on my face. It was, after all, past 10 o’clock.
“It’s really late, Lucy. Save it for tomorrow.”
“But I can’t, Mom! I am full of inspiration! I have to write it down now!”
Heart melt, once again. A writer knows that inspiration ebbs and flows, and you have to grab the moments as they come.
“Five more minutes,” I said, promising to check back.
“Mom,” she said, “I don’t care about sleep. Writing is my passion.”

Impossible to argue with. So today I give you Lucy’s entry in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Third Annual Holiday Contest. Enjoy!

The Contest:  Write a children’s story about a Holiday Mishap, mix-up, miscommunication, mistake, or potential disaster (a la Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer :)).  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words not counting the title (aren’t I being generous?! :)  It can be as short as you like, but no more than 350!)

The Story of an Elf

(Who didn’t want to be on the shelf)

By Lucy Dixon

344 words

            I always dreamed of being a reindeer specialist at Santa’s workshop. My ex-best-friend, Jack Frozentoes, and I studied hard at The Rudolph Wonders School and Stables. But because of a mean trick involving feeding moldy gingerbread to Comet, I got stuck as an elf on the shelf. And Jack became my enemy.

            One fateful night. I was perched on what I thought was a safe place, the Christmas tree of my people. Then I saw that mischievous elf, Jack Frozentoes! I said, “Jack, you’d better not touch my tree! No one wants to mess with Junior Jinglejive (that’s me)!”

            “No one, huh?” said Jack. Then Jack flew to the bottom of the tree.

            “Oh, no!” I said. Next thing I knew…KER-PLUMP! I WAS FACE FIRST ON THE FLOOR. When one of my people walked in, they gasped!

            “Poor elfy,” the little one said. The tallest one held the tree until they got it steady.

            “Rotten Eggnog!” I thought to myself. I couldn’t move while they were in the room, so I had to lay on my bruised nose for four hours! (that’s 20 minutes in elf time)

            When they were all asleep, I flew back to the North Pole as fast as I could.

            “Oh my milk and cookies!” exclaimed Santa when I told him what happened.

.           “Jack Frozentoes!” Santa said. “You get in here right now!”

            “Rusty sleigh bells,” Jack muttered to himself.

            “I cannot believe you!,’’ said Santa

            ‘’I can,’’ I said.

            ‘’Mr.Jingljive, I believe you and Frozentoes both need a jolly refill. Officer Stocking, please take these two elves down to the Candy Cane Stables.”

            Two hours later (you do the math), we found ourselves scooping reindeer rocks. (Santa doesn’t like the word, “poop,” but that’s what it is.)

             “This feels like the old days,” I said, “When we took Reindeer Care 101 together.”

            “I guess I really messed up,” Jack said. “Can we be friends again?”

            I always dreamed of being a reindeer specialist at Santa’s Workshop. And because of my best friend, that dream came true.            

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  • Beth Stilborn

    This is a FANTASTIC story! Love the names, and love that JingleJive got what he wished for in the end.

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, Beth. I will be reading your story next!

  • Elaine Kearns

    What a great story! I loved it- especially the ending! Good luck!

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, Elaine! Good luck to you, too!

  • http://teresarobeson.com/ Teresa Robeson

    How wonderful that your daughter writes too! I’m glad the elves repaired their friendship. :)

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, Teresa. I’m glad you liked it!

  • Yvonne Mes

    I love this witty story, though I am not sure about sneaking in some maths :-)

    • Lucy D.

      Math can be humorous, too! Thank you for reading my story, Yvonne!

  • Juliana Lee

    Never, Never, Never stop your daughter from writing! She has awesome elf talent!

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, Juliana!

  • Carrie F

    What a great story! I LOVE the character names and ‘rusty sleigh bells’ might just become my new expression. And I’m glad Santa found a way to bring those two together at the end. Very nice work by Lucy!

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, I will be reading your story later!

  • Linda Boyden

    What fun names and sayings, “Rotten Eggnog” will be used at my house this year!

    • Lucy D.

      I got the idea from some not-so-tasty eggnog I drank at my grandma’s house. Yuck!

  • Jackie Wellington

    This was cute. 😀

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you, Jackie!

      • Jackie Wellington

        You’re welcome 😀

  • http://susannahill.blogspot.com/ Susanna Leonard Hill

    Wow, Lucy! Very cute, imaginative, creative story! You did a great job characterizing Jack and Jinglejive – they were very believable! I’m glad they found their way back to friendship. And reindeer rocks – very funny :) (I deal in horse apples :)) Thanks so much for an entertaining story and for joining in the holiday contest fun!

    • Lucy D.

      Thank you for having this contest! It is so much fun. I am glad you liked my story!

      • http://susannahill.blogspot.com/ Susanna Leonard Hill

        I really did, Lucy, as did the other judges! Keep on writing! :)

  • pennyklostermann

    You should be soooo proud, Amy! Lucy, this is fantastic! You are very talented. Great job!

  • Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    Wow, this is awesome! You will definitely go far with that fertile and clever imagination of yours. :) You’re quite the name-picker too: Frozentoes, Jinglejive, and reindeer rocks… well… ROCK!

  • Julie

    Lucy, all your expressions are fresh and adorable! I like how elf time is different, and how we get to ‘do the math’! Keep it up! Lovely intro, Amy, I felt like I was right there!

  • Tina Cho

    Great story, Lucy! I can tell you’re a writer’s daughter! Lovely “voice” for the elves!

  • Cecilia Clark

    It is lovely when former friends can make up and move on. Nicely done

  • Marcy P.

    Way to go Lucy! You’ve got a GOOD Mama to let you write while you are inspired… (and for many other reasons, I think she’s a great Mama). And Amy… am I surprised? Hee hee. <3 you guys! CUTE story!

  • This_Kid_Reviews_Books_Erik

    Wonderful Lucy! I love this! I love “reindeer rocks” hee hee! AND YAY another kid in the contest!

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