On When a Dragon Moves In

Dragons are one of those magical creatures that I think just about every kid finds fascinating. When I was young, we watched that Disney classic, Pete’s Dragon, about a million times. Anyone else remember that one? Well, my pick for Perfect Picture Book Friday reminds me of it, as Pete and the main character in this book have something very unique in common. They both have a dragon that no one else can see.


    • Published By: Flashlight Press, (May 1, 2011)
    • Suitable For: 5 and up
    • Topics/Themes: Imagination, friendship, family, beach, dragons!
    • Opening/Synopsis:If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in. He’ll settle in all cozy and peep at you from inside… and you’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky.”
    • One day at the beach, a dragon takes up residence in this young boy’s perfect sandcastle. At first it seems the boy has found the perfect pal! But as the day progresses, so does the dragon’s mischief.
    • Links to Resources: Flashlight Press has an activity page for this book, and it includes mazes, puzzles, and drawing pages. There is also a parent/teacher guide to use with the book to talk about the components of a story. I also found this really cute dragon craft that would be fun to make with your kids.
    • Why I like this book: My favorite thing about this adorable book is that we are left to decide on our own what is really happening. Is there a dragon living in his sandcastle? Is it his imagination? Did a dragon’s breath just toast his marshmallow? Or is he pretending? What really happened to those brownies? Who is the actual mischief-maker in this story? The boy, or the dragon? And I just love the large, colorful illustrations of Howard McWilliam. They bring this playful story to life!

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