On a fun visitor named Phyllis!

Monday is one of the busiest days of our week. We go from school, to homework, to soccer practice, to guitar practice, and then collapse into bed. Phew! So imagine our dismay when we realized that it was today, a MONDAY, that our special guest Phyllis was going to arrive. It was a slightly breezy 62 degrees when she was plopped onto our doorstep, and we took her out to gently break the news to her…we were not going to be able to see the sights of our lovely town of Clovis, California. Thankfully, Phyllis confessed to us that she was rather exhausted from her whirlwind tour, and would be happy to spend a quiet evening at home with us. We nodded and smiled, not letting on that with four kids, nothing in the Dixon home is ever done quietly. After reading her book, we realized that Phyllis was quite comfortable in the chaos of our home, since she has all kinds of groundhog family that live with her!


When we got home from our busy day, we cleaned up, got in our jammies and spent some quality time with Phyllis. She was a gracious guest, and we enjoyed hosting her. Check out the video below to see what The Dixon family liked best about, APRIL FOOL, PHYLLIS!


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