On One Dark Night

Growing up, I read a lot of Nancy Drew. She was always finding cool stuff like secret diaries, antique jewel boxes, and dusty old maps. I would imagine myself in the passenger seat of her blue convertible, taking in the clues as they came, and solving the mystery alongside my best pal, Nancy. So when I read this week’s Perfect Picture book, ONE DARK NIGHT, I found myself putting on my detective hat, and trying to crack the case. I don’t come across too many mysteries in the picture book world, so I was delighted by the feel of this book, and found the twist of an ending a clever finish!


    • Illustrated By: Ivan Bates
    • Published By: Harcourt, Inc., 2003
    • Suitable for: Ages 3 and up
    • Topics/Themes: Mystery, Friendship
    • Opening/Synopsis:

“In a wee little house,
In a wee little hole,
Lived a wee little mouse
And a wee little mole
They munched tiny crackers.
They served tiny teas.
Filled wee tiny smackers
With wee tiny cheese

    • Evenings at home with Mouse and Mole are always safe and cozy, until one dark night they venture outside for a moonlit walk and find something waiting for them. (from Amazon)
    • Links to Resources:  Lisa Wheeler has some great resources on her website, including a downloadable activity guide for ONE DARK NIGHT. You could also take the opportunity to learn about the real life animals that star in this book, as they do on the Kid’s Wings website.
    • Why I Like this Book: This book is another great read-aloud. Lisa Wheeler creates a story with a bit of a spook factor, but because of the lively rhyme, it just doesn’t feel that scary. My kids do snuggle deeper into my arms as we read it and they think about the unknown in that dark night. But then they laugh at the end when they realize that there wasn’t anything to worry about. So when it’s Mom’s turn to pick the story at night, you’ll often see me choosing this one…because you’re not going to catch this mama turning down extra cuddles during story time!

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